rc3Richmond Floor Sanding are passionate about public and domestic building wood flooring recovery. Our highly skilled team are experts in high-quality wood flooring renovation and refinishing. Whether you have hardwood or pine floorboards, or parquet flooring; we have years of floor sanding and restoration experience and pride ourselves in having the ability to return your floors to its former beauty. Here is how:


We can transform drab and lifeless parquet flooring into a gorgeous surface. Do you enjoy your oak herringbone or mosaic design, but constant use resulted in deep scratches? We remove unsightly marks to create an eye-catching characteristic. Have you removed a rug and found old parquet flooring, but didn’t think that it could be restored? If you require replacement parquet blocks, we will refurbish with products such as hardwood Merbau blocks or reclaimed pine cubes to match so.
Following the parquet flooring is sanded to bare wood, we often finish the floors using 3 to 4 coats of Bona Kemi Traffic Lacquer for a non-yellowing complete and extremely durable protection (There are many more choices from staining, lacquering, wax and oils).


Frequently floorboards don’t match because they had previously been hidden under thebona-belt-1000x1000 carpet. Richmond Floor Sanding will make this surface a fine feature. Our floor refreshing team eliminates spots of paint and other imperfections, and repairs damaged boards.
Maybe your cherished pine floorboards are a floor surface for a while and appear drab, and need bringing back to life ? After floor sanding, 1 alternative (There are a lot more choices from staining, lacquering, wax and oils) is for the Richmond Floor Sanding group to finish the wood with one coat of white oil and one coating of Hardwax oil. You’d see the beauty of the knots in the wood and a stunning coating that is easily cleaned.


Unfortunately, a house may suffer structural damage. Here at Richmond Floor Sanding, we can include any structural wood and boards that need replacing from the restoration, before installing high-quality flooring. It’s essential to remember though, prior to restoration, your room needs to be completely empty, and you should protect furniture in adjacent rooms from dust — it can sometimes be a messy job! Having said our dust extraction on our machinery is second to none, and we always completely clean up after ourselves.

We will tailor our support so you are completely happy with the result no matter what surface you must work with.
There is really no reason to live with drabwood flooring, when at Richmond Floor Sanding we can bring your wooden flooring, or old floorboards back to life to change the living space.
With free no-obligation quotations available, why don’t you see how cheap it could be for you to have beautiful flooring?



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